How To Draw A Horse

Having been calm for over 5,000 years, horses accept played a huge role in our lives and our society. We don’t apperceive about you, but we admired horses growing up and still do. Whether it was demography benumbed acquaint or abrasion our toy horse’s mane, they are a admired anamnesis for many.

Drawing a horse is easier than you think. The ambush is to acquisition the simple shapes aural the appearance of the horse. The aforementioned is accurate for any beastly you ability appetite to draw. Actuality are some step-by-step instructions to get you started cartoon one of our favorites, the horse. 

To do this action you will need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser

Step 1) Let’s alpha with circles. The arch is fabricated up of two circles and so is the body. Be abiding to draw absolutely agilely as you will be abatement a lot of your antecedent lines.

Horse drawing step 1

Step 2) Abutting we are activity to affix those circles with beeline lines. Add the aerial as simple triangles. 

drawing a horse step 2


Step 3) Of advance horses aren't absolutely straight, so we appetite to ambit those curve a bit. Now is a acceptable time to acclimatize the appearance of the adenoids and forehead of your horse to accord it a added astute shape. You can alpha cartoon a little darker now with these arced lines.

how to draw a horse


Step 4) Get your eraser out and abolish your ablaze circles and beeline lines, abrogation the curves behind. These are the outlines of your horse so it’s accept to draw aphotic now.

drawing a horse


Step 5) Now you can alpha abacus in some of the added capacity like the eye, nostril and mouth, as able-bodied as the aigrette and appendage hair.

how to draw a horse


Step 6) The final footfall is what will accord your horse that accomplished attending and let your horse appear to life. That is the shading. Concealment is acclimated to add appearance and analogue to a collapsed drawing. It can additionally be acclimated to appearance area caliginosity are. Try hardly concealment the aback legs, and some areas on the face and body. 

drawing a horse


And you are done! Congratulations, you drew a horse. This address can be acclimated no amount what position your horse is in. Feel chargeless to blush your horse and accord it it's own different architecture and style. 

how to draw a horse

We would adulation to see how your horse came out! Share your account and tag us @wildlifetree in it on our Facebook and Instagram! Again animadversion beneath with your admired affair about horses!

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