Our Mission

Wildlife Timberline is focused on educating bodies to affliction for active things and to accept their environments. We appetite to affect accouchement to become wildlife advocates by acquirements about animals through acuteness and play. Back a adolescent plays, they apprentice added and feel the best connected.

We abutment zoos, conservation, and beastly apprenticeship organizations all over the apple who actively action to save breed and conserve wildlife.

About Us

Wildlife Timberline has been a continued time beastly apprenticeship company, originally with alive beastly programs for kids. Over time we accept confused into a beastly focused retail aggregation that supports zoos, attention organizations as able-bodied as beastly apprenticeship organizations.

Why do we adulation animals so much? Well, it’s aloof consistently been the case…

Jenny Curtis

Owner Jenny Curtis has had a affection for animals her absolute activity and has consistently been on the beginning of alien beastly care. She has formed with veterinarians, zoos and education/conservation companies. She abounding Moorpark College’s Alien Beastly Training and Administration Program/America’s Teaching Zoo and connected to advise there are as adroitness and staff. She started and ran an alien beastly apprenticeship aggregation and accomplishment in Axial Florida, area they rescued and re-homed over 250 alien animals (mostly from the actionable pet barter or calm beastly accession cases).

Why Accept Us?

Our beastly aerial and cape are Fabricated in the USA and abutment bounded businesses in brilliant Southern California. Our costly blimp animals are cool bendable and appearance astute beastly characteristics and are accessible over a ample ambit of beastly species. Anniversary artefact runs through assorted inspections and are advised with affection and assurance in mind. Forth with chargeless accepted aircraft to anywhere in the USA, there is consistently a achievement agreement with anniversary item, so if you don’t adulation it, we’ll alter or acquittance it!

Our Community

We use our amusing media platforms as an accessible amplitude for the wildlife-loving and conservation-fighting bodies all over the apple to actualize a association of support.

Our Attention Partners